The Galapagos in a Box is a standalone exhibit with attractive didactic material about The Galápagos Islands. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and protection of biodiversity as visitors discover the unique scientific features of the Galápagos Archipelago.

Take Galapagos to your School or Community and share the wonderful experience while learning why Galapagos is a unique and important ecosystem to investigate and preserve. The package includes academic information about Geology, Geography, Oceanography, Climate, Conservation, Theory of Evolution and Research with other resources targeted to children K5 -12.


SCHOOLS: The Galapagos in a Box learning tools are designed for students k5-k8 incorporating learning topics into the school curricula.

PUBLIC ACTIVITIES: The Exhibit is atractive to the general public due to the high quality images and other interactive media and games providing an opportunity for integration.

FOUNDING: The Galapagos in a Box could be used as an atractive activity for charitable events in Schools, Townships, Nature Clubs or other Community Asociations.


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