The Galapagos Box is a standalone exhibit with attractive didactic material of key topics about The Galápagos Islands. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and protection of biodiversity as the school community discovers the unique features of the Galápagos Archipelago.

Students and visitors will learn the reason why the Galapagos Islands are unique through different subjects such as Geography, Geology, Arrival and Establishment of species, History, Oceanography, Conservation and Evolution among other topics.

The Exhibit consists of 6 sections in 9 unique roll up banners, easy to assemble and display as well as innovative learning aids that encourage students to get involved fostering research, class discussions and other activities for an exciting experience of the Galapagos Archipelago in your community.

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• Didactic material designed for middle school children and the general public.
• Application of key topics such as Science, History, Geography, Geology, Biology, Evolution, and Conservation to the Galapagos Islands.
• Increased interest in research of important global issues.
• Increased awareness of the importance of conservation and biodiversity worldwide.
• It promotes student integration through activities such as discussion topics, activity sheets and student evaluations.
• It allows for alternative and creative uses of the material as educational aides.
• The top quality finishing of the product allows for reuse or as permanent school decoration.
• Integration of knowledge into school curricula through the resource table materials.
• Easy to assemble material.


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-Guideline of the Exhibit for implentation purposes. It includes a description of each section with a list of key concepts. Addional checklists, Discussion Topics and diferent methodologies for best use of the materials.
-Assembly and promotional instructions.
– Thorough description of the 9 topics presented in the following roll up banners:

  • Marine Ecosystem
  • Arrival and Establishment of Organisms
  • Geology
  • Oceanography and Climate
  • Theory of Evolution
  • Galapagos National Park
  • Galapagos Marine Reserve
  • Geography
  • History.


We are a group of enthusiast conservationists who aim to transmit the awe of natural wanders and to inspire distant communities to discover our world with a fun and didactic tool.

We believe that a better knowledge and understanding of the inner structure of nature and our planet´s interrelated and fragile environments will allow future generations to take an active role at preserving the biosphere which is our home and the home of future generations.

We recognize it is impossible for entire communities to visit The Galapagos Islands and other bio-diverse hot spots worldwide and unique natural sites. Therefore we want to apply all available communication means to transport bring these unique places to your neighborhood so you have an unforgettable learning experience.

Our highly qualified team integrated by researchers, naturalist guides, University teachers, photographers, tourism operators, communication experts have taken many hours of hard work to put together a world class teaching package.

We thank the following collaborators:
• Luis Rodriguez: champicris@gpsinter.net
• Jonathan Green:  jonathan@jonathangreenimages.com
• Macarena Iturralde macaitu@andinanet.net ,  macarena@senderosnaturales
• Aurelio Valdez: aurelivaldez@gmail.com
• Iván Noboa: noboai@yahoo.com
• María Gabriela Brinkmann mgbrinkmann@gmail.com
• Michel Guerrero:  michel@exploradiving.com
• Fabián Borrero:  fabianborrero@yahoo.com
• Roberto Espinosa:  robertinespi@hotmail.com


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